An epiphanic adventure via Rupin Pass: A Tale of Two Backpackers

The Rupin Pass trek  isn't  only a trek through this two high altitude states,  it's  nothing short of a heavenly kingdom for all nature lovers. The trek offers beautiful scenery  and therefore the  sharp changes in the path give it a kaleidoscope of charm.The turquoise waters of Lupine flow with  the environment  and the three-tiered waterfalls of the very famous Lupine dense forest, Complete snow-capped peaks,  many  waterfalls, or glacial meadows. The Lupine Pass Trek will  cause you to  drool. The Lupine Pass Journey  may be a  delicious but moderately challenging trek that requires a high level of fitness and a strong lung and cardiovascular system. So  be  prepared before starting the trek.  You'll  also enjoy the Ruinsara Lake trek.

First day: Dehradun–Dawla:

They left Dehradun on  Commonwealth Day , 2016 for this camp at Dhaula Base for trekking. In Dehradun, I met my Trek colleagues for  the primary  time. They were 20 years old.  The primary  meeting was nerve-wracking, but  because the  days went by, we all became  an excellent  team and even better friends! After a long bumpy road, we arrived in Daula. Daula  may be a  strange place surrounded by huge tree canopies. Our tent was pitched on the banks of  the gorgeous  Lupine River.  The remainder  of the time was spent getting to know his leader and other members of the trekking team. Most of our members were from Chennai and Bangalore, others were from Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat  and some  were from Kolkata.


In the next morning,  all of us at once  were refreshed and ready to start the trek.Their second camp was operational 11 kilometres  faraway from  Dhaula. They began the ascent to the service.  It's  always difficult on the first day of the hike.  The bulk  of them were gasping as they barely made it across some distance. Nevertheless, they quickly settled into a routine and continued without incident.They reached the service by noon and were greeted there with a hot lunch.In service,they stayed at a homestay.Sewa  may be a  little, peaceful village where a temple seems to be  the foremost  significant building.The temple was  a major  example of Kinnauri style building.The temple was locked at the time. When the people inquired, they replied that the idol is prevalent in 12 adjacent villages and makes a monthly trip  to everyone. Well ,that was something unique we heard!


The following morning, they left for Jisakun. The Rupin River was reached after  a primary  descent in the other direction. Here, they discreetly cross the Rupin River from Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh on  a touch  wooden bridge. Here they go quietly from Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh via  a little  wooden bridge over the Rupin River.This is one of the high points of the day. They followed an uphill trail to Gosangu.This is where the difficult part comes in. They had  to steer  for around 6 km on a dusty road because it was a road head.  They've  often seen vehicles passing in front of us! They finally reached the village.  to urge  to the village of Jiskun, there was then another uphill road. But  once they  arrived in Jiskun and saw the village and houses, their tiredness was gone.


The next morning,  climb continued, although the road towards Jaka village was bumpy. Jaka  is the  last village on the road leading to Rupin Pass. On the  high  they met some school children who greeted us with a lovely 'Namaste'. Jaka, also  referred to as  the Hanging Village,  may be a  village that appears to hang over rocks. From Jaka they returned through the forest to their next camp, Udkanal.  It had been  a beautiful camp overlooking the cliffs.

Day 5: Udaknar –  thatch  of Dandela:

The road  the subsequent  day was very different from the day before. They followed the shepherd's trail. They also met a shepherd with a flock of sheep.  There have been  so many sheep there,  and they  always wondered how they were keeping an eye on them! At one point I thought he was Santiago the Alchemist,  trying to find  new paths and new things...that day they also had their first snow. We had to cross an ice bridge. After several hours of trekking, Bras   received  a place called Kandy. The forest road ends here. Here we walked along a road lined with rhododendrons  and eventually  reached the bottom of the river.  some  meters before this place, I saw Lupine Falls for  the primary  time.  it had been  definitely a sight to behold. We could really feel  the joys  it had for us.We had to climb the waterfall! After  some  more hours of hiking, we  received  the Dandelus Thatch Day campground. No more camping.

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