Save 15-20 minutes Installing Windows XP, Vista or Windows7

We normally know, Operating System Installation takes 40 minutes to an hour for completion. It's quite boring to wait for so long time for the process to complete. You can try having a cup of tea and bread during the process. I have a simple trick to save about 15 to 20 minutes while installing an Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, Windows-7). I have posted instructions only for Windows-XP, for other Operating Systems Windows 7 and vista it goes same way.

Follow these instructions:
  • Insert bootable disc in you CD Drive and boot using CD Drive to setup Windows [Any OS you want to install XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10].
  • After loading files is completed select partition for windows installation.
  • Format the partition [NTFS file system is recommended for vista and higher version of windows].
  • Now Press SHIFT + F10 key, It opens Command Prompt.
  • Type "taskmgr" in Command Prompt which will open Task Manager.
  • Go to Processes Tab and find setup.exe.
  • Right click on setup.exe and set priority to High or Above Normal.
  • After System Restarts, generally it takes about 40 minutes to complete Operating System Installation.

That's all it's simple but can be useful when you frequently install an Operating System. Use same process while installing any windows in your laptop or computer to save your time. It can be used if you have computer repair shop where you might need to install windows on daily basis.

Updated: 06 December 2016

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