Flag Counter Widget For Blogs And Websites

You can add a flag counter to your blog or website and can make your website or blog interesting and attractive. It also helps you to check from which country your blog/website is viewed more and it lets you know the popularity of your website/blog and visitors are also somehow attracted by such widgets on websites. It help to know from which place currently you page is being viewed.

So it's a nice widget you can get for your blog. It is very easy to add a flag counter to your blog/website.

Just follow the below Instructions:
  • Click here first to visit website.
  • Now fill the form details as you wish your flag counter widget to appear. Choose number of flags, columns etc.
  • A preview will be shown after customization. Select best choice you want.
  • Click on get your flag counter.
  • Enter your Email or Skip.
  • Add the code on your blog/website in layout section as HTML/JavaScript that is displayed after customization of widget.
  • Place the code where you want widget to appear. You can drag and drop the widget to change the position of widget.
More Services by this Website:
You can get Map with flags, mini counter or only USA flag counter and customize them as per your choice.
Map Flag Counter

USA Flag Counter

Mini Counter
1. Map Flag Counter is for flags to appear on maps.
2. Mini Counter will show you only the number of visitors.
3. USA Flag counter is only for blogs popular in USA you can know in which place of USA your blog or website is viewed.
Happy blogging, you can check our other blogger widget posts for more widgets.

Updated: 20 December 2016


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