Pop-up Welcome Message For Website Visitors

Hey guys do you want to welcome your visitors in your own way? It can impress your visitors and they may browse your website/blog for longer time. You can do this by adding a simple code on your blog. It will pop up a welcome message for visitors who visit your blog. It will not make any effect on speed of your blog or website as it is HTML code and can help you to increase your blog views.

It will pop up a simple message to visitors which can be close just by clicking OK button. It can be good idea if you want to announce something to your visitors on any occasion or update. It can be added to your blog as HTML/JavaScript. Just follow instructions in this post.

  • Login to your blogger Account. Choose your blog.
  • Go to Layout tab. Click on Add a new Gadget
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript.
  • Paste code in box from here. Download the file and use the code.
  • Click on save.
  • That's all, visit your website to view the message.
  • Replace the red color text with the message that you want your visitors to welcome, Example: Welcome to my blog enjoy exploring.
  • This code is HTML code so can work on other platform too (WordPress and other Websites).
  • You can place this code anywhere on you blog, it don’t depend on location of widget.
Hope this helps! You can check browse this blog for more tips that can be helpful.

Updated: 20 December 2016

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