by Tufail Ahamad Khan

Currency Conversion Widget For Websites

Guys there are many widgets which helps you to engage your your visitors to your blog/website. Having currency conversion is one of that. It helps you to decrease your bounce rate of visitors. You can add a currency conversion widget very easily. Here I have got a free website which provides a currency conversion widget for bloggers/webmasters. You just need to place the code to your on your website where you want your currency conversion widget to appear.

Currency conversion widget can help the visitors to find out the current exchange rates and they can choose conversion between different currencies using drop-down menu. It shows the rates with time and date the rates were updated. It's very simple with use with easy layout.

  • First click here to visit the website for widget.
  • Click on select colours and size.
  • Customize the layout, colours, title, language, default currency to appear etc.
  • Copy the code generated after customization.
  • Login to your blogger account.
  • Go to layout section and click on "Add a widget".
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript
  • Paste the code to your blog or website.
That's all it's that easy to have a currency converter widget for your blog or website. You should place the code exactly to the part of your website where you want this widget to appear. You can drag and drop the widget to change the position.

Updated: 20 December 2016

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