15 Hidden Google Homepage's Tricks For Fun

Do you know that you can play and have fun using google.com, yes it's not only search engine but it allows users to play with it. You can change the view of Google homepage by typing some words or phrase and using I'm Feeling Lucky button.

So all you have to do is type some words on google.com and then click on I'm Feeling Lucky  after typing the words or phrases below:

Google Space: Type "google space" on google search bar and click on "i'm feeling lucky", you will see all the menu along with search bar falling and moving like it lost its gravity as in space.

Google Guitar: If you type this and click on  i'm feeling lucky you will see google with guitar and if you type anything n search bar you can listen music of playing guitar.

Annoying Google: This will change the logo of Google to Annoying Google and when you will type anything in search box you will see some alphabets in capital while some in small. Alphabets will change capital to small randomly. If you will click on AnNOying sEarch you will see the results displayed in annoying way.

Google Gravity: It turns Google letters to show as they are falling due to gravity. The letters and logo will be falling from up to down and search box will get misplaced. You can also type Google Flat Fall for google gravity.

Google Zero Gravity: This is similar to google gravity. Typing this will make all the menus, buttons and search bar fall suddenly and moving right and left slowly.

Google Sphere: Google sphere will make the google logo at the center and all the menu and alphabets will be rotating around google's logo in spherical shape.

Google Loco: This phrase will change the official Google logo and write Google loco and all the menu and logo will fall down to the bottom suddenly.

Do a Barrel Roll: You can make google's logo to roll around your screen. This will make the menu, buttons and search bar to make rounds around your screen.

Google Tilt: Typing this will tilt your google search screen approximately 45 degrees and you will see everything in tilted state.

Zerg Rush: Type zerg rush and click on "i'm feeling lucky" and you you will search results and some o shaped digits will come out from search box and eat all your search results.

Google Packman: Type pacman in search bar and click on "i'm feeling lucky". This will take you to pacman game where toy can play it.

Google Mirror: This will tilt everything on the screen in opposite direction as you are seeing it in a mirror. You can also type "google gravity mirror" for this play.

Google Snake Game: Typing this will let you play snake game on your browser.

Google Rainbow: This will change the google's logo as "Rainbow Google" and colours of all the alphabets will be changing.

Chuck Norris Trick: Type "Chuck Norris Trick" on google search box" and click on "i'm feeling lucky" and you will see google saying:

Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

Your search - Chuck Norris - did not match any documents.


Run, before he finds you.
Try a different person.

Try someone less dangerous.

Hope you like this. Share with your friends and have fun.

Updated: 18 December 2016

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