How to Post a Link in Post or Comment in Blogger, WordPress or Websites

Hey guys isn't it quite terrible to put links of a website directly in a comment box or while writing articles. Yes, it is, if the URL is short then it may look OK but if the URL is quite long like URL of free blog sites (subdomains) from blogger and WordPress as we have to include blogspot and wordpress at the end of URL. So it would be good idea to include the URL of your blog or website within comments with the help of HTML coding. Hiding link in text helps in clean commenting and there are more chances of comments being approved if website have filtering.

It's a very easy process and your link will be added in the text of your comment or post by just replacing the text with HTML code and including the text in the code.

For Example: <a href="">Tufail Khan’s Articles</a>

This will display "Tufail Khan’s Articles" with link "" like this: "Tufail Khan’s Articles"

So, all you have to do is replace with the link you want to be put in the text and "Tufail Khan’s Articles" with the text you want to display in comment box.

For more instance:
If you type " Join us on
<a href="">\facebook</a> "

Then it will be displayed as: " Join us on facebook "

This method works on any website or blog weather it is sub-domain or top level domain. You can use this method for putting any link in almost any website while posting or commenting.

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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