Activate Free Facebook By Ncell - Facebook Zero in Google Chrome

Ncell has already been providing free Twitter and Wikipedia from years to its subscriber as Twitter Zero and Wikipedia Zero. On 15th February 2017, Ncell launched free Facebook for Ncell users under "Internet for all" theme. Using free Facebook by Ncell, you can surf text version of Facebook and photo uploads for free, on Ncell. Ncell offers unlimited photo uploads, shares, comments, likes, and more on Facebook Zero by Ncell - An Axiata Company.

Check Punjab University Results - Lahore, Pakistan

Punjab University was established in 1882 A.D. in Lahore. Students from all over world study in Punjab University, different courses and degrees. Lahore university has played important role in higher education of Pakistan being oldest seat and higher learning in Pakistan.

Results are published on Punjab University's official website. All the results published till date are stored on official website of Punjab University. You can check the result of university of Punjab of both annual and semester system of any year and department using procedure below:

Bollywood Movies Highest Grossing in 2016

In 2016 lots of Bollywood movies released with some new records in Indian Cinema. 2016 stared with Amitabh Bachhan starrer Wazir and ended with Amir Khan starrer Dangal. Amir Khan's Dangal was able to stand on top grossing movie of 2016. Some were most successful while had medium grossing while few were on loss. Movies appearing on most grossing list might not be profited movie.

Jadhao Layland - Hi-Tech Italian Farming Solutions for New Age Farmers in Nepal

Jadhao Layland is a farm mechanization Company’s in technology tie up with world renowned leaders FALC, SELVATICI & DI Raimondo of Italy. Jadhao Layland manufacture the JADHAO FALC & JADHAO SELVATICI brand of engineered Farm Machinery in India. They also export machinery to countries like Nepal, Australia, Europe & Africa.

Valentine Day Celebration In Islam

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

A women sitting in a red dress
Or in Hijab
With someone whom she is not married
In a park, restaurant, café, market, car or bike
Exchanging gifts with him
Kissing, holding hand, touching each other

Would you like that she is your sister?

Check Remaining Data Volume via USSD or Message - NTC & Ncell

Internet data can be subscribed to surf internet in cheaper rate and after subscribing data packs, its necessary to check available data regularly to ensure excess charge per MB after subscribed data is consumed.

Ncell and NTC send messages to regularly inform about data available after data volume starts getting low but sometime you may not get these notification messages. In this post you can know to check remaining internet GPRS mobile data.