Online Payment Portal In Nepal

Internet has been accessible easily in Nepal, which has increased the internet users in Nepal. Internet has increased lots of possibilities in Nepal. It has made life easier as well as work done faster with less effort. On increase in use of internet online payment has been introduced in Nepal and and has been accessible by public easily.
Online payment has been making life easy in Nepal. Now we don't need to go for out for recharge and stand in queue for payment of electricity bill and telephone and internet bills. Currently large number of peoples are using these services to perform cashless transaction in Nepal. These services are provided by many online portal websites in Nepal.

Voltcare (Voltage) Stabilizer Importer In Nepal

Stabilizers are device that is used to stabilize the voltage in a house or for single device to protect the device failure due to voltage fluctuation. Nepal has potential to produce electricity which can be used to light up almost Asia Continent but unfortunately it has been unable to produce due to lack of economic resources.

Gift Data Pack & Voice Pack To Your Loved Ones From NTC (Namaste)

Nepal Telecom (NTC) (Namaste) has launched gift packs for NTC mobile users. Using these packs NTC users can gift data packs and voice packs to their loved ones from NTC numbers to NTC numbers. In this packs they have included voice packs and data packs for Namaste SIM cards. This offer is launched in Valantine's Day and later other packs may also be included.

Smart Cell GPRS & MMS Settings For Nepal

Smart Cell is mobile services provider in Nepal. Smart Cell provides GPRS (General Radio Packet Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) for their customers to surf internet on mobile phones. Generally they provide automatic GPRS and MMS settings for mobile phones but still sometime we will be having some troubles with setting in some mobile phones.This post is for manual GPRS setting configuration, you can use this setting to surf internet in your mobile phone using Smart Cell SIM card.

WordPress VS Blogger - Determining Better Platform For You

Before starting a blog, it is necessary to determine that what you want to do with your blog. Based on your requirements you will be able to decide weather Blogger id better for you or WordPress. It is time consuming and requires lots of efforts to start and make your blog visible on the web.
Blogger and WordPress are two major platform for blogging. Both of them have some pros and cons. They both offer free templates or themes to start blog with.

Activate Alternate Unit in Tally ERP9 - With Entry Procedure

Not every time, everything has same unit of quantity. Sometimes we need two different quantities for same goods to keep our stock. In Tally ERP 9, you can activate alternate units to keep stock in two different quantities.

This situation arrives if you purchase goods in cartoons but sell it in cartoons as well as pieces. So if you have many items of goods, all of them will not have same number of pieces in a single cartoon. In such situation you need to activate alternate units of measure so that you can know stock in terms of cartoons or quantities.

Free Android Applications To Backup, Transfer & Restore SMS & Contacts

Contacts & SMS are most important data that are required if you are changing your mobile phone after photos, audios and videos. Before changing phone it is necessary to backup all your data and transfer it to your new mobile phone device.

There are several apps available to backup your data in google play store. These apps can be used to backup data and restore them at any time. Some of applications offer to backup your data to Dropbox, Google Drive and other online store.

Buy Namaste (NTC) Data Pack Online - GSM & CDMA

Previously NTC users had to but data packs by sending SMS or dialing *1415#, which was easy but people wanted easier way to buy NTC internet data packs and here it is. NTC has launched new way to buy data packs for NTC users. Now NTC users can buy NTC internet data packs online just by filling form available on their official website.