Suzuki Dashain Offer 2073/2016 (Suzuki Dahsain Dhoom)

Suzuki, the most awarded Japanese bike in India of year 2015 has received 9 awards in 6 different events in India. V.G Automobiles importer and distributer of Suzuki Motorcycles in Nepal has launched it's Dashain/Tihar offer for year 2073/2016 targeting Dashain and Tihar festivals in Nepal as "Suzuki Dashain Dhoom". On purchasing any Suzuki bike or scooter customer will get scratch coupons with sure shot cash discount of Rs.7,000 to Rs.1,00,000 or a new Suzuki SF sport bike.

Awards Received by Suzuki in India:
Promoter          Award received (2015)
BIKE INDIA    BIKE OF THE YEAR (up to 150cc)
TopGear            Street Bike of the Year
NDTV               Two-wheeler of the Year
Zigwheels          BIKE OF THE YEAR
CNB Viewers  ’ Choice Two-Wheeler of the Year

To purchase a new Suzuki bike/scooter you can contact in Bhairahawa at:
Faiz International
Anchalpur-8, Bhairahawa
Mobile: +977-9802673541
Phone: 071-521649

First Aid On Snake Bite

Not all snakes are venomous but there are many species of snakes which are can cause serious harm even death. Some snakes are not much harmful but can cause allergy, reaction or infection. Patient should be treated as the snake is identified to be venomous or non-venomous. If snake is not identified the case must be taken as the snake was venomous. Children are more likely to be affected as by snake bite because of small body size. Biting of snake may cause swelling, sever pain, redness on affected area, sweating, and vomiting, which may take hours to appear. Venomous snake may cause tissue death near bite, kidney failure, allergic reaction or breathing problems.

"Monkey Test" "Ghost Push" Virus Solved - Android

Recently I got irritated after connecting my phone to Internet. As soon as it gets internet connection only thing it does is to download apps consuming unnecessary WiFi or cellular data that I do not require and the most awful thing is it starts showing nude wallpapers on screen. When it won't get internet connection it starts to reboot it self and drain whole battery and creates shortcut of apps link on home screen. It made me suffered for few days around a week.

After little search on internet I came to know it's a virus which made people from whole world to suffer. This virus not only makes phone slow but will drain your battery by downloading lots of application and running them. It can do anything it likes with phone because it has root access to the phone. This virus is cannot be removed even after factory reset. It installs on internet via ads or SDK and even apps. It has been one of most spread virus on android devices.

Creating Ledger Groups In Tally ERP9 With Examples

After creating company in Tally ERP9, you will need to create groups so that it will be easy to view expenditures in specific fields. Groups are created for all types of ledgers for convenience. Debtors groups are created to view and ask for payment.

Suppose your if you want to tell you accountant to ask for payment in Delhi, it will be easy if there exist a group Delhi and all the parties of Delhi are under it. In this post I will post to create ledger groups with some examples at the end.

To create ledger group, follow steps instructions:
Open Tally ERP9
Go to select company

Scroll to your company name and hit enter key
Go to Account Info

Go to group section > create
You will a form to create ledger group

[Here you can create a category for ledgers. Suppose you want to create a group of ledger for Sundry Debtors who are from Delhi.]
Name: Enter the name of group [Delhi]
Alias: Enter alternative name for the group for convenience to search later.
Under: Here you have to select Sundry Debtors.
Enter the remaining field as you feel comfortable else leave default.

Press enter to accept.
[If you want to create group for Sundry Creditor, Direct Expenses, Indirect Expenses, Cash-in-hand, purchase etc. you have to select respective category in under section.]

For Instance:
Group Name                      Under                                   Ledgers
Showroom Expenses      Indirect Expenses            Stationery, Snacks, Commission
Purchase, Import             Purchase Accounts         
Automobile Expenses    Indirect Expenses            Bike servicing, Bike repairing, Petrol
Delhi, Haryana                   Sundry Debtors                 Raaz Electricals, J.K.L Generals
Bangalore, Hubli               Sundry Creditors              Kirloskar Oil, Titagarh Agrico

Creating group can help to view ledgers based on location, expenses or any other category. If you want to view the amount you have to receive from a category you can directly check it selecting the group name in Display > Account Books > Group Summary.

Best Live Chat Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform used by beginner and advanced web developers, bloggers and designers. Everyday new plugins are developed with something new to make better experience. Live chat plugin allows you to interact with your visitors and to engage them on your site. When you interact with visitors you will be able to get some information about how to improve your blog or website. These plugins can help you to get visitors' complaints, feedback and suggestions.

Best Hosting Websites to Start a Blog or Website

Free hosting is generally not preferable if you are serious about your blog or website as they have many restrictions due to which you may not have full control over your website or blog. Most of the free hosting websites displays ads, banner or pop ups on your webpage to advertise them, such unwanted ads generally irritates the visitors and increases bouncing rate of your website. Many people also complain of their blog or website being completely deleted without any email or notification from free hosting companies so it’s risky to start serious blog with free hosting services but to learn at beginning you may start with free hosting. If you are beginner you can check Free Hosting Websites to Start a Blog or Website.