Add Sharing Widget on Your Blog - Easy Steps

After wiring an article, the writer wants it to be read be more and more people, and it's possible only if it is shared by people who read it. Any website should have a sharing widget on it so that user can share the articles they read easily. Sharing widget can help you to boost your website viewer if you have content people are interested in.

Getting share buttons for your blogger, wordpress, typepad, weebly or any other platform blog is easy.
You can just create a account at Shareaholic and follow the instruction to add sharing button to your blog or website. I will be posting the tutorial to add shareaholic's share button on your blogger. Process is similar for any platforms you use. You will need to install Shareaholic plugin on your WordPress blog to add this widget on wordpress.

  • Go to Shareaholic website and click on sign up and enter your email address and desired password to sign up.
  • Click on log in and enter email and password you had chosen.
  • After login, click on "Add Website" and enter you domain [] and  your website's name.
  • Choose platform you want to want to place the widget.
  • Select the content type and language of your website.
  • Now you will see a setting page, where you can select the appearance, number of share buttons, color and design of the widget with preview.
  • After you have made all the settings, click on save settings.
  • Now you will get two codes. One you have to place in your template before </head> and other where you want widget to be displayed on your blog.
  • After you have placed the codes correctly you can see the sharing widgets on your blog.
  • Now go back to the Shareaholic website again and click on verify button to verify the ownership of your website and unlock new features analytics and earning report.
That's all.  You have setup sharing widget to your website. Now if you want to make any changes to your sharing widget just login to your Shareaholic account and make the change. It will be automatically update on your website, you will not need to touch the code on your website again.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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