Apps to Root Your Android Device Without Computer

Before you root your device you must know what changes will be made on your device after you root it. Every app on your phone is like a user, it has certain permission that it can perform on your mobile phone or tablet. Same way rooting your phone gives permission to the root app to access control over all system files. By default the apps can't access system files. After rooting phone all the security risks are in your hand.

You need to be confirm, if you really need to root your device. The reason most people root their phone is to get rid of bloatware. Before you root your device because of bloatware you can try by disabling the bloatware available in setting's app management menu in your device. Few people root because some apps require root permission to run correctly or they have more function available if you give them root permissions.

Note: Rooting android device voids it's warranty. It is recommended not to root your your android device while it's in warranty period.

A list of applications that you can use to root your android phone are listed. Rooting your device with these apps require internet connection.

This application is available in both android and windows version. To root your device you don't need laptop or PC with this application. Install the android version apk on your device and run it. It will check the capability of your device being root. If you have no root permission you will get option "Get it". Tap on it and wait till it completes 100% and you are done. It has an another app named Purify you can use it to hide unnecessary notifications. You can uninstall the pre-installed apps using this app.

iRoot rooting app is similar to KingRoot. It has both phone and desktop version app to root your device. You can root your device easily without laptop. You can use iRoot to uninstall pre-installed apps and remove the ads displayed on your pohone while using apps in a click.

This app is available for you mobile phone. Go to the website and click on lambda sign to download the app. You can root your android device easily with this app. After rooting you can access the system files and use other apps to uninstall bloatware and remove ads.

Kingo Root is available in both android version as well as windows version. Download and install the app and click on "one click root" to root your android device easily without computer.


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  1. Kingo root is a good apps for rooting android device. But sometimes is not work properly.

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