Single or Multiple Stock Group Creation in Tally ERP9

Before purchasing or selling something in Tally ERP9, you have to create stock list. It is easier to maintain stock and it's actual available quantity in Tally ERP9. In Tally ERP9 you can create stock group to classify stock which will make easier to check the stock list.

Example: You have an automobiles business and you deal with bikes, tractors, cars etc. These items will have different models. For bikes can create stock group as bikes and while creating stock list you can assign group bikes for all models of bikes. Whenever you will need to view bike's stock you can easily view it under bikes group. In same way you can do for classification of all other stocks.

Procedure to create single stock group:
  • Open Tally ERP9.
  • Go to inventory info. (I) > Stock groups (G).
  • Go to create (C) for creating single stock groups.

Name: Enter the name of group for list of goods or stock.
Alias: Type alternative name for the group.
Under: Select a parent group name if you are creating child group or sub group.
  • After filling form press enter.
  • You will see a confirmation box. Check details again then press enter to accept.
  • Your stock group is created.
Procedure for creating multiple stock group:
  • Open Tally ERP9.
  • Go to inventory info. (I) > Stock groups (G).
  • Go to create (R) for creating multiple stock groups.
  • You will see form as above:
Under group: Select a group under which you want to keep the groups you are creating. If you are creating parent groups then select "All items".
Name of stock group: Enter the name of group you want to create for your stocks.
Under: It will be automatically with same group you have selected in under group section.
  • After entering all stock group names, press enter key.
  • You will be asked for conformation, press enter key to accept.
  • You stock group will be created.
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