Change WhatsApp Group Invite Link

WhatsApp has been most popular and must downloaded texting app after Facebook messenger. You can have voice call and video call with your friends and family on WhatsApp.

You can invite your friends and family to WhatsApp group using WhatsApp group invite link. They can join group clicking on group invite link but sometime you may want to disable invitation by using link after your all friends and family has joined group. You may also need to disable or deactivate WhatsApp group link if link has been spammed or shared with unknown people by someone. You must be admin of group you want to disable group invite link of.

Procedure to revoke WhatsApp group invite link:
  • Go to group you are admin of. Tap on three dot on right top corner to open menu.
  • Now tap on group info. You can also open group info directly tapping on group's name while you are in group.
  • Go to add participant by tapping on add participant above list of members of group. Or tapping on the right top corner on add participant icon.
  • Tap on invite to group via link and you will see screen below.
  • Tap on revoke link. You will see confirmation message "Are you sure you want to revoke the invite link for "your group name"?
  • Tap on revoke link and you will get new invite link for your group and previous group invite link will be revoked or deleted.
That's all, in this way you can delete existing WhatsApp group link and new link for your WhatsApp group will be created. Your WhatsApp group invite link will be changed and people will be unable to join your group using previous link and no one can join group without your permission untill you share your new WhatsApp group invite link.


Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

  1. What if the group is full and adding participants is nothe opening

    1. you can't add participants if group is full.

    2. If the group is full you can't revoke the link. I think the only way you can revoke the link, you will have to have less than 256 participants.

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