What is Food Technology

In the food processing industry, Food Technology is involved in the work related to physical, chemical or microbiological techniques and processes to convert raw ingredients into food and other forms.

Food processing involves all the work related to Raw Ingriants in food substitutes or for changing food to other forms. BE / B Tech is a 4 year duration course in Food Technology. Food technology involves various chemical processes, which are used to make food products worth fit and fit in the market. Food processors are usually made to use long-lasting, attractive, and marketable food products by using food technology on clean, newly harvested or recently killed animals. This process is also applied on Animal Feed. After getting the BE / BTech degree, you can do MTech in Food Technology.

Although food science, food engineering and food technology are very similar in nature, there are some subtle differences among them. Through intensive study of these subjects, you will get information about these differences.

Food technology is divided into two parts;
  • Manufactured Processes- In this part of Food Technology, raw materials such as grains, meats, milk vegetables etc. are changed to the physical nature of food and make them salable.
  • Value Added Processes- In this part of Food Technology, many changes are made in raw food products, making them safe and ever worth the food Such as tomato sauce and ice cream.
Scope in food technology
When we discuss about what is food technology, we also discuss about the scopes of food technology. There is too much scope for the development of careers in food technology, which is given below:
  • As organic chemists, food technologists provide information and advice about methods such as Raw food items are converted into processed foods.
  • As biochemists, these people organize ways to improve the flavor, texture, storage and quality of food items.
  • As home economists, they are experts in dietetics and nutrition, and according to the instructions given on the containers, they test food and their recipes.
  • As engineers, these people work on planning, designing, improving and maintenance of processing systems.
  • As research scientists, these people do various experiments to improve the packaged food product, flavor, nutritive value and general adaptability.
  • As managers and accountants, they work to manage the administration and finances apart from supervising works related to professional processing.
  • Core Subjects in Food Technology

The following are specialization courses in the field of Food Technology:
  1. Serials
  2. Dairy
  3. Alcohol
  4. Sugar
  5. Bakery and Confectionary items
  6. Fruits and vegetables
  7. Oil and oil seed processing
  8. Meat-fish

Job Prospects for Food Technology
What is food technology? There are plenty of job opportunities for food technologists in the country. Food technologists are in demand in the sectors such as hotels, quality control, soft drink factories, food industries, packaging, industries, hospitals, distilleries and rice mills.

The major food processing companies such as:
  1. Perfetti India Ltd,
  2. Godrej industries Ltd,
  3. Amul

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