Why Smart Parenting Means Smart Phone Monitoring

If you’d take a look at latest studies and surveys related to teen digital device and smart phone usage, you’ll seriously be disappointed to know that most kids don’t use their phones for anything useful or productive and instead there is a long list of harmful and damaging things that kids like to do.

Some of the bad and harmful things common among the kids include:
  • Telling Lie
If you think your kids can never tell a lie because you always taught them to be truthful and nice, you can be wrong. There is nothing wrong in trusting your kids but it is totally harmful in trusting them blindly. Kids are often found telling lies to their parents. And if you think that their made-up-stories are just going to be about some cute girl in their class or bad exam grades or the puff of smoke that they tried a few days back, you’ll have to expand your imagination about the stories that kids generally make up and the kind of things they always lie about!
From having crush on a cute classmate, kids of the day have promoted themselves to staying sexually active with their friends of opposite gender; kids today don’t just have to get flunked in exams to tell a lie they rather have more serious reason to lie such as getting terminated from school because of some really serious offense; and from puffing a tobacco cigarette kids have come up to attending boozy parties and puffing marijuana or some other heavier drug.

So, if you suspect that your child is telling a lie when there’s a call, or a text message, or even just a missed call on the phone, you need to check who is calling your child and why. There can be some really damaging thing cooking up in your child’s world without your knowledge.

  • Misusing their Digital Devices
What do you think kids do with their digital devices? They play games, they use foolish applications, they keep sharing stupid gossips over the text messages and do a hundred other useless things, right? Yes, you’re right but only to a certain extent. Yes, kids do indulge in silly childish stuffs that we adults call, “foolish” but there still are hundreds of such things that kids are often found to be doing that do not fit in the definition of foolish or childish. Rather, they fit quite well in the definition of dangerous, damaging, offensive, and criminal activities!

You may never know if your child troubles other kids over the phone. Technically speaking, this kind of activity is called cyber bullying. Yes, your kid can be a bully if you don’t check. Now, this doesn’t mean that surely your child is a bossy, wild, bully but there are chances and you need to check if you don’t want your child to be labelled as one! Again, your child can be using the phone for distributing child pornography, if this turns out true, the damage will be beyond description.

  • Using Internet the Unsafe Way
When kids get a magical device like a smart phone that gives them unlimited Internet access, they start behaving like Midas who turned everything into gold when he learned he has magical power to turn things into gold. So, a kid with a newly acquired smart phone with Internet connection will surf the net all through the day, go on and off various social networking sites and ignore all the important things in the world. But this is just one part of the story; the other part is a more damaging one. So, a kid with a smart phone with limitless access to Internet knows that parents will never get to know what is happening on the phone as the child can take the phone anywhere, even to the places of which parents can hardly ever imagine.

So, what do you think a kid would do with the Internet? Of course, kids don’t work on their school project from their phones, they use computers for that; nor do they download mobile apps for learning newer things, (yes, some kids do it but their number is quite less, do thank God if your child is one of them!), but they surely download a lot of stuff and do hundreds of different things. These include visiting the sites that you’ll consider X-rated, downloading music illegally (most of which contain nothing but crap), and getting in touch with unknown people even when their parents, teachers, foster parents, guardians, and elders teach them to stay away from strangers.

When you decide to monitor your child’s cell phone using some intelligent and smart cell phone monitoring app, you actually decide to know about every single secret of your child, especially the dangerous and harmful ones. And once you know about all of those secrets, you can stop your child from getting involved in any of them, thus you save your child from going astray and doing damaging things to the career and future and also create a great shield against all damaging people who are always ready to trouble your digital device using child.

You know about every call, text message, email, chat history from your child’s phone. And even the Internet usage history and downloads and uploads become visible to you without the need of going through your child’s phone physically. And as most of the advanced cell phone monitoring systems offer to track GPS location of the target phone, you know where your child is without the need of going after your kid like an unsuccessful detective who either gets caught or never gets to know anything!

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