Preparation For The Job Interview

After the first hurdle in the application process has been achieved with the CV and letter of application, the second follows: The job interview. It is the first step even if you are not sure how to write notice and sending the application documents, it is important to prepare properly for the personal conversation, because there is rarely a second chance for it. But what is everything to consider for a job interview?

Preparation is everything!

In order to avoid sweats or stomping, you should prepare yourself as well as possible.

In advance: confirm the interview appointment

This can be done either by phone or by e-mail. If the appointment does not fit, do not be afraid to propose another appointment, or to ask.

Point 1: Inform yourself about the position and the company
You should know exactly about your future tasks, because only then can you combine your strengths with the individual requirements of the position and present yourself optimally. But you should also inform yourself about the company in general ,  because this shows interest and helps you with smart questions to help shape the conversation. Try to collect as much information as possible (about the company's philosophy, branches or structure, business development in recent years, employee policy, etc.)

Information is typically found on the company's homepage. Other media such as business reports, press articles or the company's social media presence can provide valuable information.

In addition, you should first consider the salary expectations for the position and a rationale. Do not sell yourself under value, but do not be rude.

Point 2: Prepare for questions
The job interview is mainly there to get to know you personally. So you should make sure beforehand what your strengths are, how you work on your weaknesses, or what characterizes you personally. Mentally ask yourself some tricky questions. But do not be afraid, there are no "right or wrong" questions on this type of question.

Furthermore, it is also good to prepare your own questions. Is there something that is not clear to you in the job posting? Would you like to inform yourself about training opportunities in the company?

Questioning yourself signals to your potential boss that you are really interested in the job and have thought about it.

Point 3: compiling a CV and application folder
Your own CV must be familiar territory for each interview candidate, so as not to be surprised by any detailed questions about certain points in education or work experience. Furthermore, ideally you should appear with an application folder (curriculum vitae and relevant certificates, certificates, letters of recommendation) for discussion. But do not put these in your pocket carelessly, because the way you present these documents already says a lot about your personality.

Point 4: The journey
Since punctuality has the highest priority during the interview, it is advisable to plan the journey thoroughly:
  • Inform about parking possibilities
  • Calculate arrival time generously
  • Kow about alternative routes
  • Rather take two trams / buses earlier

If for some unforeseen reasons you should be late, please let your interview partner know in good time by phone! So do not forget to save the number of the personnel manager in your mobile phone.

Point 5: Dress code
"Clothes make people" - Your outfit should be selected according to the occasion. On the Internet you can find out a lot about the company philosophy - this often also suggests the dress code of the company. You should try to adapt to this, but it is also important that you feel comfortable and relaxed conversation.

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