Signs your Business needs Professional SEO Help

Like every other business, your company must have a website. You have mentioned everything related to your services and products on this website. Still, you can't see any effects of it on your business. If that’s your current situation, then you need to read this article until the last line.

Your website can’t provide the desired results without search engine optimization. If you already know this and trying to do SEO in-house, but not getting any results, then you need professional help? Many companies take the help of SEO experts to strengthen their SEO.

Hiring SEO agencies for your website is ultimately beneficial because they know how to increase your ranking. According to a study, 75% of users only click on the first page results of search engines. So, you are losing many potential clients if your website isn’t on that page.

You can identify that your SEO is weak through some signs. Let’s know about these signs; so that you can find them and take professional help before it is too late.

1. Your Site Doesn’t Appear in SERPs for your Keywords:
Does your website appear in the search results when someone searches for the most valuable keywords of your business? If not, then there is something lacking in your SEO efforts. Let’s take an example to understand this in a better way.

Suppose you sell house furniture in Delhi. Now, when someone types “house furniture shops in Delhi”, your site doesn’t appear in any of the top SERPs. The user will click on the results of the top page only, and most probably, he/she will find the required help from there.

It means that your target audience can’t see your business even for your top keywords. It is a very strong sign that you need professional SEO help as soon as possible.

2. Your Website doesn’t Receive much Traffic:
After finding out your rank in the SERPs, it’s time to look at the traffic data of your website. Organic traffic is formed by the number of people who click on your organic search listings. So, how much organic traffic you receive daily, weekly and monthly?

You can easily check this traffic by enabling Google Analytics on your site. This tool is used to analyse various things related to your website. Go to the Acquisition tab in Google Analytics. Now, click on “overview” to view the breakdown of traffic that you are receiving from top channels. Afterwards, click on “organic search” to get details of organic site traffic.

If your organic traffic is lower than other sources of traffic, then it’s time to go to the SEO professionals.

3. Your Conversion Rate is Very Low:
Your website must have CTAs or products or services which the users can avail directly from there. Now, people are visiting your site, but they aren’t clicking on any of the CTA or service/product link. In short, your traffic isn’t converting into business leads. It means that you are not getting any profit out of your website.

If that’s the case, then you are in dire need of professional SEO help. You can check your conversion rates in the same way from Google Analytics. You can see the percentage of traffic that is converting from organic search by clicking on the “organic search” option.

The SEO experts can detect the roadblocks in your conversion with their vast experience. They can also find solutions to fix the issues.

4. Your Site doesn’t Work Smoothly in Mobiles:
Mobile-friendliness is officially a ranking factor now. Today, 60% of people use mobile phones to perform online searches. So, having a mobile responsive site is very important to reach to your target audience.

People will get annoyed and leave your site if it isn’t mobile responsive; regardless of its rank or the quality of content posted. So, you need to check the performance of your website through a mobile phone.

If it isn’t smooth, then you need to make it mobile responsive. You can also perform Google’s mobile-friendly test to evaluate the mobile-friendliness of your website. You can hire SEO experts to make your site responsive.

5. You Received a Warning E-mail from Google:
Receiving a warning e-mail from Google is a very dangerous and direct sign that shows you are in a great risk of being penalised. Many people don’t know about Google penalties, and they even don’t have an idea about the rules they are breaking through their website.

If you are one of them, then you should hire the SEO experts at the earliest. Google has made some rules which every site has to follow. Of course, you will break the rules if you don’t have knowledge of these.

Not everyone knows the dos and don’ts of Google as it’s a very complex topic. Worry not; you got lots of SEO experts that can make necessary changes in your site and save it from being penalised by Google.

6. Your Website has a High Bounce Rate: 
High bounce rate means that people are leaving your site in very less time. The users will do so only if they find your site uninformative. Everyone opens a site with some motive, and they will surely leave it if the website can’t fulfil their motive.

Now, a website that contains good content, informative blogs, attractive CTAs and other necessary things won’t get a high bounce rate. On the other hand, websites with cheap or plagiarized content will face this issue.

The SEO experts will add valuable and well-researched content on your website. They will post everything while considering the taste and requirements of your target audience. They will perform keyword research to make the content accurate. All these things would add value; which in turn would decrease your bounce rates.

So, if you can detect any two or three above given signs on your website, then you should take immediate actions. Your website is very important for your business, so you shouldn’t compromise with its SEO at any cost.

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