The Carnelian is colorful quartz of the Chalcedony variety. It usually comes in orange, pink and brown, and is often a translucent stone. The name is derived from the Latin word "cornu" meaning "horn", or "cornum" meaning cherry. It is also from the Latin word 'carneus' which means meat, or meat. The carnelian is a stabilizing stone, perfect for women who lead very busy and sometimes chaotic lives. The carnelian, maintains high levels of energy and motivation. It is a perfect stone for women who have demanding careers and are forced to produce creative results on a regular basis.

It is also perfect for women in creative works or in the arts, passion for dance, music, art or theater.

The meaning of the crystal stone of Carnalina represents the fiery cauldron of the three lower chakras. It is associated with taking bold measures with your ardent spirit that stimulates the root Chakra, helping to circulate vital energy to your center, which contains your deepest sexual desires and powerful creative instincts.

Not only does it increase courage and confidence, at the cellular level, it purifies the blood and improves circulation, a necessity for any stressful situation. For singers, actors and artists, feel that all your anxiety, fear and worry vanish when you say this affirmation: "I am brave and confident."

  • WHITE QUARTZ - Properties of White Quartz
The white Quartz (not to be confused with the transparent Quartz) helps to purify our energies, which means that it can undo old globs of more dense or negative energy that may be in us being very indicated for cleansing meditations.

In this way it can help us cope better with a bad time, negative feelings such as guilt, or simply a love affair.

You can also go to this crystal to feel more serene, for example to possible fears and anguish. Its strength is also balancing.

The white quartz helps us to purify our energies, which means that it can undo old gobs of more dense or negative energy that may be in us. It helps us to think positively. Strengthens our magnetic field Absorbs all negative energies and harmful radiation.

It is one of the most underestimated healing crystals in the world. In fact, it is one of the most powerful! It brings peace, calm and balance to humanity. A ctiva the Crown chakra and helps you connect with your higher self and you’re spiritual guides.

White Quartz in your environment helps to dissipate negative emotions and thoughts. It will help you get a more positive and powerful perspective!

  • QUARTZ SPIRIT CACTUS - Properties of the Cactus Spirit Quartz
The Crystal Quartz Spirit also known as Quartz Cactus, Quartz Tale or Porcupine Quartz. Exceptionally spiritual stone that elevates the energetic properties of quartz to another level. This inspiring stone radiates high vibration energy in all directions while the central crystal focuses precisely to reach the multidimensions and reprogram cellular memory.

Transmutes negative energies into positive ones and avoids new disturbing energies, fostering mental, emotional and physical balance. It acts as a shield for the Aura.

Quartz EspĂ­ Ritu is a crystal that works especially as an energy filter, ideal to settle in social areas of the home or work.

Bearer of the gifts of the Spirit and power the metaphysical skills opening the heart and heart superior chakras and aligning and purifying the whole system of chakras.

It offers a lot of peace, harmony and compassion. On a spiritual level, it helps us meditate and our spiritual growth. It favors intuitive dreams; it is a stone that helps us feel in balance.

It fosters unity, peace and the will to work. It helps reduce fears; it is an excellent stone to use when it comes to the loss of a loved one, relieving the pain of transition. This all stones are used in Chakra Jewellery.

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