How to improve IoT installation Services?

5 ways to improve IoT installation services:

The physical world is full of useful data as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) designed to help collect it. But developing an IoT system to access valuable data can be a daunting process.

In partnership with our customers, Except Antarctica, Thing square have installed IoT devices on every continent. Over the years, we have gained a great deal of experience in rapidly promoting and developing large IoT systems.

When we talk about IoT systems, we are talking about large enterprise installations that cover a large space with hundreds of devices per installation, rather than a single IoT type device for home use.

Here are five simple tips to help you get started with your IoT system:

  • Bring your own link
  • Get the best internet connection available
  • Install more than you want
  • Intends to change plans
  • Development application installation

1. Create your own link:

Even if your IoT system is embedded in an internet access point, it does not mean that you will get it right away. Here are some common causes:

Servers may not be available

IT staff may not allow access to the Internet

Internet access may be restricted.

Anyone who sees that there will be an internet connection has not really verified that this is the case.

Fortunately, there are many ways to bring your own internet connection into your IoT application.

3G / 4G drivers are simple, as many providers have competitive prices on data subscriptions suitable for IoT transfer.

2. Get the best internet connection available:

Internet access is important not only for the IoT devices themselves, but also for those who are authorized to set up IoT systems. As with Internet access for IoT devices, Internet and wireless networks may be available for installers.

Also, if your IoT system is sent to an unknown location - possibly to different parts of the country or to a completely different country - 3G / 4G coverage might not always be quick.

Getting a 3G / 4G smart SIM card during installation is a good investment. The benefits and efficiency of good internet access allow you to cover the cost of other SIM cards.

3. Install more than necessary:

Once the IoT setup is complete, it will be more difficult to make changes. It is wise to install the software more quickly than is required. If you only need 3G / 4G modem and wireless access for your system, bring two of them and install both. They can (and often do) get together when something happens.

Things must be done.

For example, in more than one large customer installation, we have found that the air conditioning system has suddenly shut down the electrical outlet. This is usually because the cable is running too fast and the power cord cannot be plugged in. In this case, we have another entry point where we can take responsibility for the person with a disability.

Installing anti-slip tools more than you think will reduce the risk of recurring traffic at the installation site.

But if the IoT system supports the same capabilities as the Thing square system, the add-on will improve the performance of the system even if everything goes smoothly and in no time.

We recommend that you check the airflow speed and expansion if it is difficult to reach the installation area.

4. Make plans to change plans:

Pre-planning is obviously important, but the willingness to change plans and worship is key, as unforeseen events often occur during IoT deployment.

For example, in installation, only one air bulb is high on the roof - so high that it needs to be raised to reach it. The solution is to use a side air vent with an extra air hose to achieve the required volume.

5. Create an installer:

Unlike other systems, this step is not easy, but it costs a lot: Create a smartphone application to help with the installation process.

IoT rendering works great. Hundreds or thousands of air detectors, appliances, access points and air extensions need to be installed. These setups are usually performed by a group of people who do not know the products and data to be collected.

What's worse, time is often a stumbling block. For example, recently customers can only move to a large retailer between 8 and 20:45, as it is only when the store is open but the market has not yet been reached.

The custom application required for installation will include at least the following:

A step-by-step list for each step of the installation

The login system for anyone with a user account so that only one person can configure each device


This will:

Ensure that everyone performs the correct procedure for the installation of each device

Makes everything online and works during installation

It allows you to check and evaluate the speed of your installation - are there any steps you can take to improve?

If you are sure that everyone in one installation will have an iPhone or Android phone, you can only think of one platform. In our experience, anyway, it pays to support iOS and Android.

The advantage of Thing square is that our iOS, Android, and Windows apps can display custom HTML5 content, allowing you to create new apps for your apps quickly without having to go through many app stores and any updates.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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