Top Photography Treks in Uttarakhand

It is quite hard to envisage a region of the world other than Incredible India so replete and in abundance with photography opportunities. Various regions in India like Uttarakhand, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh with all the vibrant colours and picturesque views is all that you get to photograph. The beautiful magnificent land, azure sky, beautiful rivers, ancient monasteries, exotic flora and fauna and enchanting natural beauty is all mesmerizing.

Dzongri Goecha La Trek

The Dzongri Goecha la trek is beautiful and shows Sikkim's amazing beauty and culture. The trail starts from Yuksom which is the former capital of Sikkim. Trekkers and tourists can click amazing photographs of the dense forests replete with rhododendron, pine and magnolia trees. The tourist's attention will be captivated by the beauty of the snow capped peaks and wonderful meadows. As you reach the Goecha La mountain pass, you will be mesmerized by the splendid view of the translucent Samiti Lake. You can capture some stunning views and images of Mt. Kanchenjunga at the Goecha La pass. The best time to visit this place is between September to November, March and April.

Highlights of the trek :

  • Mt. Kanchenjunga

  • Thick forest ridges

  • Best views of snow clad mountains

  • Unique landscape

  • Various kinds of flora

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Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek is located at an elevation of 3800 m above sea level. You will witness some breathtaking picturesque views of nature as you go along the trail. The snow laden trails, thicket of Pine and Oak forests, idyllic campsites are all worth the challenges along the trail. You will get to capture the dazzling sunrise at the summit which is the highlight of the trek. Kedarkantha is one of the most photogenic trails of India.

Highlights of the trail :

  • Scenic drive from Dehradun to Sankri

  • Juda ka Talab

  • Bewitching forest glades with phenomenal views

  • Kedarkantha base camp

  • Summit climb

Auden Col Trek

The trail is nestled at an altitude of 5450 m and is considered a very challenging trek. The views which the photography fanatics get after completing the trek are rewarding. You get to see the alluring creations of Mother Nature. The trek joins two ridges and two glaciers together and the view is simply mesmerizing. As you trek along the trail, you will pass through Pine and Birch forests and meadows. The view of the snow fed Himalayan peaks makes the difficulty of the trek worth it.

Highlights of the trek :

  • Enchanting ambience

  • Masar Tal

  • Vasuki Tal

  • Scintillating Himalayan peaks

  • Picturesque trail

Markha Valley Trek

This is one of the popular treks in Ladakh region. Most importantly it is an empyrean for the photography enthusiasts. The best time to visit and explore the trail is between June and October. Every individual will get a chance to capture great pictures of the amazing terrain. You will also get to witness and click pictures of the magnificently built Buddhist monasteries. You can also meet the localites and capture some pictures of their lifestyle. The journey starts from Spituk in Leh that takes you to the high peaks and pastures. You can also click pictures of animals like Blue Sheep or Ibex while you stroll through the forest.

Highlights of the trail :

  • Markha river

  • Stunning Himalayas

  • Hemis National Park

  • Captivating views of Karakoram

  • Mesmerizing views along the trail

Trans Zanskar Trek

Zanskar is a wonderful place which is nestled in Ladakh. Most of the place is covered with snow during the winter season. The visitors will have to pass through crystal clear rivers and rugged terrains to get a view of the heavenly beauty. The trekkers are filled with newfound joy because of the tranquil atmosphere of the region. The best time to explore the place and capture picturesque views is from July to September.

Highlights of the trek :

  • Attractive landscapes

  • Stongdey Monastery

  • Lahaul Valley

  • Ancient monasteries

  • Gompa

Do not miss a chance to visit and explore the above mentioned trekking trails. You will have wonderful and memorable experiences as you go along these breathtaking trails. You will witness the beauty of nature as you go along and pass through the high peaks, wide range of flora and fauna, crystal clear lakes and thick forests. All these trails give you a perfect opportunity to capture the beauty and cherish it forever. Have fun trekking in these trails and do not forget to carry your camera!!!

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