The week when Wei Ya was fined: the merchant publicly called for help, the main anchor was silent, and the small anchor was excited

With this incident, countless people have deeply remembered this day. Zhang Pengbo, a former filmmaker who came to Hangzhou to start a live e-commerce business for two years from Shenzhen, said: "(This incident) proves to the entire Chinese people that streaming anchors is better than celebrities in terms of making money."

A small group of people who have a cooperative relationship with Wei Ya, this day is like a nightmare. Yi Zihan, who moved the company from Suzhou to Hangzhou in October last year, the company's Songxianxian product Matsutake seasoning has been on the Weiya live studio seven times from April to August 2021. On the evening of December 20, this would be the eighth time. Yi Zihan prepared goods worth millions of dollars for this. If there is no such thing, this batch of goods will be sold out within a certain three-minute period of the same night, and there is no suspense as the previous seven times.

As most of the Internet accounts such as Wei Ya's live broadcast room were blocked, Yi Zihan could only put aside his dignity and sent a message on his WeChat public account for help "Please help me!" Wei Ya can't broadcast suddenly! 120,000 bottles of goods are overstocked in the warehouse! Clearance at a loss today." This is the first company that Wei Ya cooperates with to ask for help publicly.

At present, the official account tweet has been deleted by the publisherAt present, the official account tweet has been deleted by the publisher

"Weiya's image is really good"

-A sudden event

Practitioners in the Hangzhou live e-commerce circle regarded the "Sydney and Lin Shanshan incident" and the "Weiya incident" as emergencies.

According to Tribune South Africa : On November 22, Sydney and Lin Shanshan were chased for tax evasion, plus late fees and fines totaling nearly 100 million yuan. A practitioner in the live e-commerce community field was surprised when he saw the news.

"You said that its company is going to be listed, and its finances should be doing well." Sydney and Lin Shanshan are both contract anchors of Chenfan e-commerce under Sydney, and Chenfan e-commerce completed multiple rounds of financing in 2021. The news of listing came out.

Compared with the "Sydney and Lin Shanshan incident", the "Weiya Incident" has more social impact.

Zhang Pengbo's company is located in Hangzhou Xike Science and Technology Park, the center of national live broadcast e-commerce. At 5 pm the day after the "Via incident" was exposed, he ran to the side of the Via and Sydney company buildings and took a short video with the topic tag of Via. After the release, the number of likes reached 2.2. w, the number of pageviews reached one million. And the two short videos about the "Sydney Incident" that were taken before, the number of likes was only about 2,600 at most.

Yi Zihan said: "Weiya's image is really good." Yi Zihan didn't have the chance to get in touch with Weiya herself. However, in her opinion, Wei Ya is a person full of positive energy. For example, Wei Ya sells agricultural products from impoverished mountainous areas "free of pit fees" every month.

The co-host Yi Zihan chose at the beginning was Sydney, and he signed a six-month cooperation framework for a total of 6 live broadcasts. However, the first live broadcast originally scheduled for February 27th was postponed to May 9th, and because the product was arranged late at night, the effect was not good, and the sales were only 50,000 yuan. Since then, conflicts broke out in the process of cooperation between the two parties, and the lawsuit is still in the process.

In the case of unsuccessful cooperation with the Sydney live broadcast room, Yi Zihan paid 100,000 yuan to an anchor intermediary agency and entrusted the other party to help open up the channel with the Wei Ya live broadcast room, but it has been unsuccessful. Later, it took a lot of effort to establish a cooperative relationship with the Wei Ya team through Taobao Xiaoer and Moments.

The pricing requirement of Wei Ya Live Room for the partner brand side is: the lowest price in the entire network. Yi Zihan's price is about half of other sales channels. In addition, she also needs to pay a pit fee of 50,000 yuan and 20% of sales as a commission for each live broadcast.

In general, "the cost is the same, no loss, no profit, or a little loss," Yi Zihan said. If the broadcast time is not good, losses will occur. Therefore, the main purpose is brand promotion.

It is understood that the sales of her cooperation with Wei Ya in the past seven times have been stable, maintaining at 1 million to 2 million yuan. After comparing with other e-commerce anchors who have cooperated, "Weiya is already very conscientious." Yi Zihan emphasized

Source: Introduction of the Songxianxian brand provided by Yi ZihanSource: Introduction of the Songxianxian brand provided by Yi Zihan

According to her, there are many friends around who have reached cooperation with Wei Ya, and some have already stocked up to 5 million yuan worth of goods, and will soon be ready to board the Wei Ya live studio.

After the surprise, the general reaction among practitioners in the Hangzhou e-commerce live broadcast circle was silence. A head of the MCN agency who "drinks with Wei Ya's husband every day" admitted frankly that it is inconvenient to express his views during this "sensitive period". "When it comes to taxation, I think everyone should be the same." He hurriedly dropped a word and interrupted the chat. It is understood that some of his head anchor friends also chose to be silent.

Zhang Qian, who works in the live broadcast e-commerce community in Hangzhou, analyzed that some top anchors had a large number of orders in the early days, and they were actually losing money. "The normal tax payment may just die." He said.

Outside the live broadcast e-commerce circle, people have looked suspiciously towards the now may be the only leading anchor: Li Jiaqi. A brand party has a cooperative relationship with Li Jiaqi, and for this, they have stocked goods worth tens of millions of dollars. "It's also shivering now, for fear that Li Jiaqi will explode over there." Yi Zihan said.

Will "a whale fall, and all things live"?

When the live broadcast careers of the two network-wide TOP3 anchors, Wei Ya and Sydney, came to an abrupt end, their dominance of the live broadcast e-commerce industry was also completely disintegrated, how much ripples will the ascendant live broadcast e-commerce arena? This is a concern of many people.

For brands and service providers that have cooperative relationships with Via and Sydney, this is destined to be a difficult time.

Yi Zihan revealed the "powerful" part:

First, since the price of the products supplied by the brand partner to the Weiya live studio must be the "lowest price in the entire network", in order to prevent disrupting the price system of other channel systems, the products supplied by the brand are generally customized, such as products The specifications are different from other sales channels. Such products are difficult to distribute.

Second, the inventory backlog and tight cash flow, the brand partner and the Wei Ya live room cooperation sales target is easily one million. "It is a very large inventory backlog for us, and our cash flow itself is very tight." Yi Zihan said.

The hidden intermediary service providers around Wei Ya and Sydney probably can only "distribute birds and beasts" and lose a large amount of money at their fingertips.

News Websites in South Africa knows someone who has Ali The boss of the background, the main business is to dock cooperative brand parties and supply chain factories for Sydney. The company has more than ten people. If a brand wants to make their products on the Sydney live broadcast room, it is generally difficult to find the Sydney team directly, but it is relatively easy to find the boss. By paying him an intermediary fee to entrust him to help reach a cooperation with Sydney, many brands Fang will make a choice. "For example, six times a year, give a few hundred thousand." Zhang Pengbo made an analogy.

Around the top anchor, there are many similar "intermediary" companies. According to Yi Zihan, some brands around him often pay more than 100,000 yuan or even 500,000 yuan for "intermediary fees" in order to make a visit to the Weiya live broadcast room. The reason is that they need to transfer to multiple "intermediary" companies.

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