Remove Virus From Java or Symbian Mobile Phone's Memory

Is your phone is attacked by virus or even it don't even start due to virus then follow these steps to remove virus from your mobile phone. It is easy way but It will erase all your data like photos, videos, contacts and everything you have in your phone memory. It is advisable only when you won't have any other option left so be careful before doing. Also take back up of your documents such as photos, videos, music files and other documents before following these steps. This process works for any java mobile phones or Nokia's Symbian phones.

Restoring factory settings:
Restore your phone's factory settings, it will restore original settings of phone, that were set by manufacturer of the mobile phone. This is applicable for most of phones.

  • Go to your phone's menu.
  • Go to settings > Phone settings.
  • Go to restore factory settings. It will ask for confirmation, select ok.
  • Sometime you may find Restore factory settings in some other menu of settings.
If this procedure won't solve your problem then, proceed further.

Formatting phone memory:
It will delete your all the applications and data in your phone memory so take backup before proceeding further. Make your battery full charged and make sure battery is properly placed on your phone before you begin the process. If this process is disrupted due to charge or any other reason phone might be unusable.

Note: Backup your data and remove your memory card before proceeding else it may erase data in your external memory (SD) card too.

Method 1:
  • Go to your home screen and dial *#7370#.You will see a conformation to restore default setting.
  • select ok and go for it.

Method 2:
  • Switch off your mobile.
  • Press green key (dial key), * key and 3.
  • Switch on your phone by pressing these all keys. You phone memory will be formatted and all the apps and data you installed or stored after purchasing phone will be erased.
  • A menu will appear, select your country and region if not found select the nearest one.
  • Your phone will be started.
Updated: 06 December 2016

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