Trace Who is Using Your WiFi Network

We always wonder whether our neighbor has peeped into our WiFi network? Whether Someone has cracked my WiFi Password? And many more so here is a simple but effective network tip to get the person or a device traced down.

You can know who is using your WiFi network within minutes. You can see list of devices that are currently connected to your network. If you find any unauthorized access to your network you can change the security key or block that device using your router's filter settings.
You can check devices list using command prompt, which is available in you laptop or computer or and other third party software.

Using Command Prompt:
  • Open cmd.(i.e Command Prompt of Windows)
  • Type "net view" and press enter.
  • Firstly you will see your laptop or computer name on top, then list of rest of the computer which are using your WiFi network.

Using third party software:
You can use "Advanced IP Scanner" to scan list of devices connected to your wireless network. This software free and reliable. It can show you list all network devices and shared folders. It provides remote control of computers and can detect MAC address. It allows you to provide custom device names and provides FTP and HTTP connection. It allows to wake up and shutdown computer remotely. It is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.

  • It's simple to use, just start the program and click on scan to see the list of devices connected to your network connection.
  • If you find any unauthorized peeping in your connection you can change the password from your router settings.

Updated: 06 December 2016

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