by Tufail Ahamad Khan

Hide Your Files Without Any Software

Friends do you want to hide or lock your files and folders and make it secure. If you want to I'm sure you are going to search for some software to lock it. Here I am posting about how you can lock and hide your files without software. It easy and you can carry and view your files in any computer you want.

Using Folder Option:
It is most popular way to hide files by most of users.

Hiding Files:
  • Right click on file and go to properties.
  • Tick hidden option.
  • Click on apply then on OK
  • Now the files you had selected are hidden.
Un-hiding Files:
  • Go to control panel then open folder option (or you can open directly from explorer > tool > folder options).
  • Under view tab tick on show hidden files and folders.
  • Click on apply and them OK.
  • Now you can see hidden files and folders.
Second Method is that create a .zip or .rar file and put all the files in it with password and anyone who want to view the file need correct password to open.

Third Method is quite unpopular but I have been using it. You have to change the extension of file Example: If you have file myfile.doc then rename it to myfile.exe, myfile.pdf put any extension you want and to open it again you need to rename it myfile.doc so nobody can open it until knows the extension of file. It is extension after file's name which decides the programs to open a specific file or documents. Every program has different extension with which it is associated.

Forth Method is one is the one on which I wanted to focus I have been using it.
  • Put your files in a .zip or .rar file by compressing. [ You can use programs like winrar]
  • Put password if you want for more security.
  • Now change the extension of file as in third method.
  • Now if you want you can use first method and hide it too.
To open this files again you will need to display hidden files in folder option of control panel. Then change the extension back to .zip, .rar or one which compression you have used.

Note: You can carry your files in pen-drive or memory card and view it on anywhere you want to use, no software needed as all the required software are present in any operating system, if you use .zip compression.

Updated: May 2019

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