by Tufail Ahamad Khan

Live Traffic Tracking Widget for Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad and Websites

Hey guys, do you want to trace from which place your visitors are coming to your blog/website? You can know which region of the world your website or blog is currently being viewed with country and also the region of country. It can be also a way for webmasters to engage the visitors to your blog and viewing live traffic. This widget can let you know which post are most viewed by visitors and can help in deciding in posting further posting of articles on blogs.

This widget will show you full detail of visitors with region they are from and the time they visit your blog/website and which article they are viewing. This can be a useful widget for a blogger/website owner. It has both free and paid version of widgets. You can choose one best for you. Free versions will have some restrictions and ad will be displayed on widget while paid one will have more facilities and without any ads on widget.

Instructions to add Feedjit on your blog:
  • Visit Feedjit.
  • Click on "Choose Your Feedjit".
  • Choose You want paid or free widget. You can go for free option.
  • Choose the number of visitors detail, colour, height and width of widget
  • Choose your platform (Blogger, WodPress, other blog or website..)
  • You will see a page with 2 steps: login to you blogger account, if you are already signed in go to step 2.
  • Choose blog you want to add live traffic widget.
  • Click on "Add Widget" button.
  • Now widget will be added to your blog or website.
  • Drag and drop the widget to place widget at right position where you want widget to appear.
  • Done!
If above process by using "Add Widget" button won't work, you can directly copy the html code and add it as HTML/Javascript widget to you blog in layout section of your blogger dashboard.

Note: You can also go for non-javascript version of feedjit. For non-javascript version go here.

After adding code to your blog or website live traffic widget details will appear. It is available for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and other websites and platforms.

Updated: 20 December 2016


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